Part of what I do at church is work with some of the young women in our youth group. In addition to meeting on Sundays, they meet on Wednesday nights for an activity. Most of the time they plan their own activities but we were a little behind so I was trying to figure out something we could do.

I only have 4 girls in my group and most of them like board games. A while ago I had seen an idea to do a live action Clue game using the rooms of the church building with the girls trying to figure out what tools were used to complete a project one of the girls accidently left behind. I took that idea and just adjusted the actual Clue board and cards.

First off, I found a complete Clue game at the thrift store. Mine is part of a boxed set so I didn’t want to mess it up on accident, and it didn’t make sense to spend $15 on a new one when a $2 used one would work perfectly fine.

I started with the Clue sheet so I knew what to look for when making my cards. Obviously I kept the same number of rooms, but I added more tools (instead of weapons), and I got rid of 2 characters because I only have 4 girls. I did leave space to add 2 more people but left the names blank.

I didn’t get new character pieces, so I labeled the character cards with an original character. I let each girl choose her character card and then also label it with her own name. We didn’t play with the cards that didn’t have an actual person to go with, so we took out the 2 “blank” character cards and set them aside.

The board was easy, I just printed the new room names and taped them over the old names. I tried to have the new rooms somewhat match the old rooms but I ended up turning the dining room into the gym and the girls thought that was ridiculous.

The cards were probably the trickiest part even though they were fairly simple. I knew what all my rooms and tools were so I went looking for clip-art that went with each thing. That was mostly tricky because I can only print in black and white and wanted really simple images. Finding 6 silhouettes for the character cards wasn’t bad at all.

I knew I wanted to sleeve the cards so I wouldn’t have to worry about the girls seeing through my regular printer paper, or even cardstock. Regular cards are 2x3 so I made a table in Word with those dimensions and then just put everything in. I know there are programs that probably could’ve done that a lot easier, but it’s what I have. After that it was just cutting them out and actually putting them in the sleeves.

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